Vocal for Local: Axestrack Vehicle Tracking System with GPS Tracking Software

Axestrack is a Jaipur based company that provides digital solutions to the logistics and transportation industry. What started in the year 2008 with a small set up has now become one of the leading firms nationwide.

“With over 1,10,000+ commercial vehicles and with presence in more than 100+ cities we have come a long way from just being a Telematics Solution Provider to creating one of India’s most trusted Digital Logistics Platform,” said the founder of the company, Rahul Yadav.

The company’s executive director Priya Choudhary explains that a fair share of the company’s success is owed to its top management and a pool of 150 locally acquired talent.

“Our product is designed to meet not only the current & continuously evolving needs but also to address the futuristic aspirations of the logistics industry.

We are working on the use of technologies like AI, Big Data Analytics, and ML that will contribute to a rise in transformative and revolutionary tech-enablement in the logistics field.

The world as we know is going under metamorphism and after the coronavirus pandemic we are trying to take a ground zero approach to bring the manual labour involved in this particular industry such as drivers and warehouse officials back on track” said Priya.