“Kalki 2898 AD.” Director Nag Ashwin has made a big revelation about the movie

Director Nag Ashwin, who is helming the big-budget film “Kalki 2898 AD,” has made a significant revelation about the Prabhas-starrer movie.

In a recent interview, Nag Ashwin mentioned that he hasn’t thought about the film’s sequel or franchise yet.

Furthermore, he revealed that most of the shooting for the film will be done in the Telugu language, with only crucial portions being shot with Hindi dialogues.

When asked about casting Prabhas, Nag Ashwin explained that while he was writing the story of “Kalki 2898,” Prabhas was the only one who came to his mind for the character.

He also mentioned that “Kalki 2898” has the potential to become an excellent animated show.

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