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People decorating the indoors can be a fascinating thing, and it can also turn into a hobby. People get conscious about indoor decorating the House with various kinds of curtains and rugs. Everyone has their taste, and everyone likes to decorate their house, which makes them feel comfortable and pretty. If you are someone who is going to follow the Trends setting up a typical Indian look. Then the Trends concerning in India for decorating indoors are most famously followed with Jaipuri style.

As we all know that visiting Jaipur and getting a glance of the pink city can fill you with joy, letting you see the prettiest patterns and decorations. The culture of Jaipur is filled with Jaipuri patterns that are considered the signature style of the district. Jaipuri patterns and style mostly include miniature drawings and pretty patterns like a kaleidoscope in an uncertain manner that is colourful and vibrant. Rajasthan also has the tradition of filling the designs and patterns with Mirrors or reflecting glasses to make it prettier.

One of the popular, eye-catching products of Jaipur with Jaipuri designs inculcated in them is Jaipur rugs. Jaipur is the biggest manufacturers in terms of providing rugs to India, keeping up with entering Trends making everyone’s House look pretty.

Jaipur rugs Foundation

Jaipur rugs foundation is a popular and the largest rugs foundation in Jaipur. That provides rugs, supporting the rural self-help groups. The company delivers the best product that comes from the culture directly. The people and women indulged in the rug makings are trained by their ancestors, getting the insides of the original design, protecting the originality.

Jaipur rugs Foundation

The foundation not only lets you get the best quality products. But, it also helps the rural people with their bread and butter, serving a social cause. The rugs that are provided by the company are completely handmade and quality approved. The distribution is over more than 40 countries that support 40000 plus Atisians from rural areas.

What are Jaipur rugs?

Jaipur Rugs is a very motivated and noble enterprise. With its headquarters at Jaipur, India, and its branches spread all over 40 countries across the world, Jaipur rugs have very humble roots. It aims to preserve the dying art of rug weaving and give a living to the families that have been doing this for generations.

Jaipur rugs are based on a very inclusive and empowering business model. It is quite uncommon for a company of this mass to have such a down-to-earth motto and to choose social progress over a huge annual profit margin. First started by Mr Nk Chaudhary, after he quit a bank job, he borrowed 5000 bucks from his father to start a carpet business. It was a small room with 2 looms and nine weavers. And voila, a few decades later, here we are, and Jaipur rugs is a global leader in the rug-making business, and the way they built their rapport is exemplary.

Industrialization over the past years has affected the age-old craft of rug knotting more than anything else. Once flourishing, it now faces the threat of total loss of identity. Jaipur rugs believe that sustainable and empowered communities are the way to the survival of this centuries-old art. Jaipur rugs ensure this through doorstep entrepreneurship and dependable wages. The Jaipur hub has ensured reliable income year long and is a sustainable source of living for the communities employed. The outcome has been remarkable – today, the count of artisans is ever-increasing.

How are Jaipur rugs made?

The business model followed at Jaipur aims at removing the middleman by giving work to a network of Forty Thousand artisans in more than seven hundred villages in the country, making sure of its standard and constancy.

They converse with their artisan allies through a common language of care and passion. They’re given a livable and reliable wage, along with chances for personal betterment and empowerment. Nyc started this business on the basis of nobility, giving jobs to the “untouchables” and turning around age-old practices that had cancelled the under-privileged women and craftsmen.

How are Jaipur rugs made?

He started in 1978; By 1986, the company had already started to export its goods outside of India. In 1992 the government of India made an exception and granted Jaipur Rugs Permission to use walkie-talkies to communicate and monitor the work of the Artisans in the Rural areas. Years later, in 1999, NKC comes back to Jaipur from Gujrat and names the company’ Jaipur carpets’. And just a year later, A sister company is created in the USA aimed toward the introduction of this marvellous merchandise to America.

And today, they’re walking down the same path with their head held high.

In fact, from 2004, the Jaipur rugs firm has played an important part inside the Jaipur system by working hard for improving the lives of over 30,000 artisans. This level of success has been attained through training, developing skill expertise, and social seminars. By emphasizing the ideas and solutions that create social integrity, Jaipur rugs have supported the honour and the heritage of these traditional artisans long and well. It is truly a mesmerizing voyage.

Where can you buy Jaipur rugs?

One can Buy Jaipur Rugs at stores that are located in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai. Apart from that, Jaipur Rugs are shipped all over Indian via inland mail. Jaipur Rugs have established quite a grasp over the global market as a result of which they ship to over sixty countries from Paris, Beijing, Moscow just to hint toward the extent of their reach.

Where can you buy Jaipur rugs

Jaipur Rugs is a family run business. Once started by their now president NK Chaudhury along with 9 artisans in a tiny room in Churu, Rajasthan is now in the hands of the next generation. The eldest daughters Archana and Asha have assumed their positions as the CEO and COO of Jaipur Living, which is a sister branch situated at North Atlanta and responsible for the department of distribution in the Northern part of America. His middle Daughter Kavi is one of the Design Directors, while his sons Yogesh and Nitesh are the director of sales and marketing and the director of Supply chain and IT, respectively.

Who makes Jaipur rugs?

The artisans who have weaved Jaipur rugs to whatever it is today are passionate, dedicated, and extraordinarily creative human beings. These people believe in the power of communities and are used to living their lives amidst nature. Weaving has given these communities a way to earn sustainable livelihood throughout the year while contributing to the revival of old art facing extinction. This has helped several women assume the authority of their lives and hold the reins tight.

Jaipur rugs which work with near 40,000 craftsmen, provides families with sustainable livelihood at their door. Spread across 600 villages in 5 states of India, they are bound by the creativeness of their minds and the empowerment they feel in unison.

Almost 85% of these craftsmen are ladies. Ladies from the under-privileged homes. It is weaving that has let them gain monetary independence and thus, liberated them from the chains imposed on them by society. Several of their women weavers have become community leaders and award-winning designers.

Over the years, Jaipur rugs have brought about remarkable and dramatic changes in the life of women they have employed. The Lives of women who have been abandoned, pulled back by society and weighed down by its chains. Jaipur Rugs has done nothing but harnessed their abilities and presented it to the whole world in the most creative way possible, thereby also generating living for them.

How much are Jaipur living rugs?

Jaipur Rugs are available at varied prices. Both ready to buy or custom made. One could select from hundreds of thousands of designs available at their stores. One could also get a customized carpet. One could send over the photos of their room, and the design consultants at Jaipur should surely revert to that with their best suggestions and solutions. You could also specify the shape or pattern, or style dimensions you’re looking for or the type of ambience.

It offers a plethora of options varying in accordance with the type of room you wish to lay your rug in. It could be a colourful and vibrant one for a children’s room or a dusky muddy one for your studio apartment. If you have an idea, Jaipur rugs have a rug for you. The prices have a huge range. The price could vary according to size, the intricacy of design and the concept behind it. The range can vary from the lowest being around 5000 INR to almost 300,000 INR. But I would like to believe that art is always under-priced. One can never put a tag on a piece of art that justifies its worth; hence come to cherish art here. Come to cherish your soil to Jaipur Rugs.

How long has rugs Jaipur Rugs been Operational?

More than being a company, Jaipur rugs is more of a custom. A hand that’s held the hands of the disappearing heritage of Indian rug makers and is pulling them up to where they belong. Providing them with the recognition they deserve. Making their talents count.

They started their journey long back in 1978 with close to nothing in hand. Over the years, they wove their success gradually and always keeping their feet close to the soil. They harnessed what their country borne. Polished the talents of these Artisans who were near deemed useless once industrialization boomed and exposed them to the global village. It has been the sole focus and life of NKC and his family to deliver the Artisan women in India from the societal bindings and give them wings. And they have done so quite well.

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