Ashok Gehlot sealed Rajasthan border to save his government

Jaipur: Ashok Gehlot’s Rajasthan government is again in danger zone.

Congress came as the biggest party during the 2018 election in which Sachin Pilot has a big interfere and he wants to be a chief minister but Gehlot again becomes successful to show his approach in congress and again become chief minister, like 1998 and 2008, and Sachin Pilot settled down as deputy chief minister.

Ashok Gehlot trying a lot from the last 2 years to press Sachin Pilot downward in politics.

Sachin Pilot has big support of a community in the 2018 election and this community is very sad about not making pilot as CM of Rajasthan.

Rajasthan politics is different from all other states. here from last 22 years in 1998 when the first-time Gehlot become cm than in 2003 Vasundhara and in 2008 again Gehlot then in 2013 again Vasundhara and then again in 2018 Gehlot.

now somewhere BJP trying Vasundhara to press downward because somewhere center BJP has detected that Vasundhara is dangerous for BJP in state and now BJP state president is Satish Poonia.

Satish Poonia worked with the president of BJP JP Nadda in the youth wing so he has a good approach and loyal to the party and a worker of RSS.

Sachin pilot also removed from the state congress president post when Gehlot detected danger from Sachin pilot.

On the death anniversary of Rajesh Pilot (Sachin Pilots father) on 11 June, Sachin and 25 other legislative members are also there and rumors are that they are going to Haryana directly from there.

after taking this as danger Gehlot assembled all of them in hotels and again tried to bind them to congress and arrange all of them for Rajya sabha elections

Rajya Sabha elections political drama

BJP doesn’t have a majority for two members but BJP put two candidates for elections to take out the internal fight of congress.

and taking it as a danger Gehlot isolate all the members of the legislature for 10 days. This shown the weakness of Congress.

After all of this CP Joshi alerted that BJP is trying to purchase members of Legislative in 25 crores each Gehlot also said it and call the police and SOG to investigate it and find some clues related to it.

Nowadays Gehlot blaming Satish Poonia, Rajendra Singh Rathore, and Gulab Chand Kataria for purchasing members.

among them, Kataria challenged that if congress can prove their interference he will be leaving politics something is going on because without fire there is no smoke

Both parties blaming each other.

congress telling that BJP trying to purchase their members Gehlot said that BJP doesn’t take even some interest in Vasundhara.

and BJP telling that there is an internal weakness of congress is coming out.

Satish Poonia before Rajya sabha elections told that gates are open for all parties who are with BJP thinking which caused an alert in congress.

Now Sachin pilot is at Delhi with 18 legislative members.

And Ghelot sealed borders again after having a meeting with cabinet and few other legislative members and called this seal for corona but this is shown the internal fear of Gehlot government.

Gehlot and Pilot on many stages tried to blame indirectly each other and on 11 July in a press conference, Gehlot told that even 10 peoples have the ability to become CM but the only one can.

Like Madhya Pradesh, BJP can also do something to demolish the government in Rajasthan.

Jyotiraditya Sindhia is now with BJP and he is a good friend of Pilot.

But BJP doesn’t give him the seat of cm he will be taken to center similarly Sachin wants cm seat but BJP doesn’t want it to give him.

If BJP becomes successful in this process which is going on they won’t make Pilot CM they can bring Pilot to center.