District courts joined by VC remote point, facility to record the statement through video conferencing

District courts joined by VC remote point, facility to record the statement through video conferencing in court provided to the witness.

Jaipur, 10 September. Friday a new chapter began in state courts. A witness can register their statement through video conferencing in courts from now. This chapter has been started by the judges of Banipark court and Ganganagar court in Jaipur. With the help and Initiative of both the judges, this step was completed Successfully. The rules for submitting a statement through video conferencing in high court has been notified on 21 August 2021. The state government has made the amendment for the same in CRPC.

Special government secretary, V Sarvan Kumar told that the witness will be spared from traveling kilometers to record their statement in court. The witness will be able to record their statement in district court premises in VC remote point studio through video conferencing. He also told that as the first phase the studio has been made by joining all district courts through VC remote point. A coordinator who works in the court has also been appointed in these studios.

Mr. Kumar said that a  VC headquarter has been installed for 1242 courts in the state. This headquarter has been provided with a Microsoft team license and fibber internet connectivity. In the second phase, VC points will be made for administrative courts.

Government offices and hospitals will also be joined to them. He told that after notifying VC rules by the high court the statement of the witness could be recorded on time. Government expenses and time will be saved and that trial would be possible sooner. Through the completion of the process with transparency, there will be less problems of ongoing cases.

What is the process of giving statements through VC?

In this process, the court is requested to give permission to testimony through the medium of VC under PP. Once the court has given the permission then the slot for the VC is booked by the officers. The witness has to go to the premises of the district court to the VC remote point and record their statement. The description is sent through the mail which has to be returned after being signed and scanned. The original signed document is to be sent with the ID card and other documents of the witness.

IPS Sharat Kaviraj has recorded his statement through VC.

In SOG DIG Mr. Sharat Kaviraj is the first IPS officer to have the facility and recorded his statement. Mr. Kaviraj recorded his statement as the prosecution party of the ACB matter by being present in the VC room of Jaipur metropolitan court for Ganganagar court.

The trial of this matter is going on in Ganganagar court. Mr. Kaviraj said that for recording his statement in Ganganagar court he had to take a trip of 1000km and had to take leave from his government office. From the initiative of the state government and high court, time will be saved and trials will be done faster.

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