Enthusiasm in the border area for construction of Shri Ram Temple: Lalu Singh Sodha

Jaisalmer: Public awareness work is being carried out in every village under the fund dedication campaign by Bajrang Dal Vibhag convener Lalu Singh Sodha in the campaign Shri Ram Temple construction in the entire Jaisalmer district.

By which, by taking a Rath Yatra to every village for public awareness, an effort is being made to awaken the villagers towards their dedication fund in the construction of Ram temple.

The Ram temple for which 79 people fought for 92 years and more than four lakh Ram devotees died, due to which all of us Hindu society today have the opportunity to build Ram temple.

Convener of Shri Ram Mandir Jan Jagran Samiti, Lalu Singh Sodha said that this campaign for construction of Shri Ram Mandir will run in Mal Maas which has started from 15 January 2021 which will run till 15 February 2021, through which the work of mass awakening is going on in the border area.

Religious meeting were organized in 110 villages across the district by preparing 2 chariots in the district and they were informed about Ram Janmabhoomi. A total amount of 5 crores has been collected till date in Jaisalmer district.

Lalu Singh Sodha plays a leading role in every work of Hindutva

Lalu Singh Sodha is currently the Vibhag Convener of the Bajrang Dal. In the past, he has also led the student politics in Rajasthan by staying on the post of state co-minister of the Akhil Bharatiya Vidyarthi Parishad (ABVP).

In every act of Hindutva, he is always in the forefront. In the program of the largest path movement Jagrat Hindu Mahasangam Pokaran 2018 of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh in Rajasthan, he was given time as an extensions for one consecutive year.

Presently Ram is giving all his time as an extensions in this campaign of temple construction, which is going to every village to make this campaign of Ram temple construction successful.

Bajrang Dal Vibhag convener Lalu Singh Sodha is leading the Ram temple dedication campaign in the entire Jaisalmer district under the leadership of Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh and Vishwa Hindu Parishad.

There is great enthusiasm among the people of the border region. The villagers of the border area Jaisalmer have great enthusiasm for the construction of Ram temple. By joining this campaign, every devotee considers himself lucky.

Enthusiasm in the border area for construction of shri Ram Temple 2

As soon as the chariot enters the rural area, the villagers of the village come to welcome them with motorcycles and vehicles in front of them and the women started singing Mangal songs by taking urns and by women through bhajan mandalis and hymns by men. The chariot of Ram is being welcomed by congregations by singing hymns.