&TV’s Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari is a slice of life story of Gudiya (Sarika
Bahroliya). While her unique quips and quirks to life have been heavy on everyone
around her, her marriage has been one major sore point for her parents Sarla (Samta
Sagar) and Radhe (Ravi Mahashabde). The new episodes have introduced a handsome
new neighbour Guddu (Karam Rajpal), who Gudiya’s parents adore. But Gudiya’s
tactics to show him his way out of her town is creating a lot of trouble not just for
Guddu, but also for Gudiya’s family! In the quest for a ground-breaking prank on
Guddu, Gudiya ends up injuring him heavily. Is Guddu grievously injured or escaped
with minor injuries? Watch intense drama unfold in the upcoming episodes of Gudiya
Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari.
Previously, Guddu learns that Gudiya was the one who had hid his precious books,
and upon his father’s orders, he called the police to arrest Gudiya. He feels terrible
later and protects her from the police. Unaware of this fact, Gudiya does not learn
her lessons. She is hellbent on throwing Guddu over. Gudiya’s parents are quite
ashamed and request Guddu to come for breakfast. Despite being asked to behave
herself, Gudiya snatches away Guddu’s food. Guddu returns to his haveli, but instead
of being angry, he is concerned about Gudiya. He asks his house help Matai (Kishan
Bhan) to assist him in a plan where they trick Gudiya into stealing Guddu’s favourite
tool, the Mudgar (a long hammer) so that she can be caught red-handed. As Gudiya
gets entangled in this plan and the truth is brought out in front of her, she will learn
her lessons, Guddu thinks. He makes a deal with Matai, promising to send him back to
Mahilabad (his hometown) if the plan is successful. Matai commences the action
Talking about the latest episode, Karam Rajpal who plays Guddu in Gudiya Humari
Sabhi Pe Bhari says, “This episode has been fascinating in terms of the sequences that
follow one after the other. Gudiya’s pranks are getting more and more annoying,
while my character Guddu starts to look at her in a different light. He is concerned
about her, not because he likes her, but because he respects her parents a lot!
However, up ahead, something unexpected is about to happen, and it will be
interesting to see how audiences react to it.”

Sharing her thoughts on annoying Guddu, Sarika Bahroliya who plays Gudiya in
Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari says, “Gudiya has been on Guddu’s head from the
beginning. But he has been extremely patient with her. There is a new development in
the show now, where Guddu has a change of heart towards Gudiya. To help bring a
change to her behaviour, he will risk his life. Audiences are in for a shock! To know
more catch Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari, every day at 8:00 pm only on &TV.”
All was going as planned by Guddu and Matai. They laid the bait for Gudiya to fall in
her trap, so she realises her mistake. Gudiya is tricked into stealing. While on her
way to hide the mudgar, due to a push, Gudiya disbalances and the mudgar falls on
Guddu’s head!  Guddu immediately falls unconscious. Gudiya is now scared, and her
partner in crime Bantu tells her that Guddu seems to be dead! Has Gudiya ended up
killing Guddu? Who will be blamed for this failed action plan?
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