MET forecasts heavy rains in parts of Rajasthan

Jaipur: On Monday, Shergarh recorded 5 mm rainfall while in Danpur, Saalopat and Kushalgarh 3 mm rainfall in each place was recorded.

Arthuna recorded 2mm rainfall. As per the control room, during the 24 hours which ended on Monday morning 8 am, Banswara recorded 55 mm rainfall while in Kesarpura 76, Danpur 121, Ghatol 61, Bhungda 45, Jagpura 82, Gadhi 132, Loharia 95, Arthuna 57, Bagidaura 38, Shergarh 43, Sallopat 39, Kushalgarh 39 and in Sajjangarh 43 mili meter rainfall was recorded.

In Alwar district, between 4 pm Sunday and Monday morning 8 am, 92 mm rainfall was recorded.

Maximum rainfall was recorded in Jaysamand where 19 mm rainfall was received.

Meanwhile the water level In Siliserh dam got reduced by 2 inches while in Samar sarovar also 2 inche water level got reduced. In Jaitpur dam one inch water level got reduced.

Since during the day there was no rainfall therefore compared to a day earlier.

Alwar’s maximum temperature was 31 degree while the minimum temperature was 24 degree. Meanwhile in Baran district, there was intermittent rainfall.

Due to the rainfall in MP, Parvati river and Parwan are overflowing and therefore the national highway, mega highway and local roads have got blocked.

In Jaipur, it was a cloudy day. Since last few days, clouds have been in the sky but scattered rainfall is being witnessed.

In the afternoon it rained in Mansarovar, Jaipur for about 5 minutes. 1.8 mm rainfall was recorded in the city between 8:30 am and 5 pm.

the maximum temperature in Jaipur was 29.2 degree while minimum was 23.6 degree.

In Jaisalmer famous Gadisar pond is overflowing and warning of heavy rainfall has been issued for Jaisalmer.

Meanwhile after the rainfall stopped in MP, arrival of water stopped in Dams of Chambal river. Less water was released from Gandhi sagar, Rana Pratap Sagar, Jawahar sagar dam and Kota Bairaj.