MybookLo app launched For College students

Jaipur: The Minister of State for higher education Mr Bhanwar Singh Bhati inaugurated the MyBookLo app in order to provide the college students with the stuff needed for their studies.

The Minister of State for higher education Mr Bhati also stated that they are trying to come up with new innovations for college education. This app is launched keeping in mind that it will help students a lot and will prove a milestone towards it. They said that students will get the study material on the app and also be able to prepare for competitive exams. In accordance with that, they will also be provided with coaching for different streams.

Mr Bhati also said that this innovation done by the College Education Department will prove very helpful in higher studies in Rajasthan and take higher studies to a new direction.

College Education Commissioner Mr Sandesh Nayak said that in order to get the digital study material by Undergraduate and Postgraduate students of the college, the college education, Commissionerate College Education and MyBookLo company has to sign an MoU in between them. In accordance with that, it will prove to be a digital library to the students. They can extract video and pdf notes from the app.

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