Officers should ensure correct facts reach the media: Mahendra Soni

Jaipur: Information commissioner Mahendra Soni (IAS) on Wednesday underlined the importance of correct and factual news to curb fake news.

Addressing trainee IAS officers in HCMRIPA in a session on media handling, Soni shared his administrative experience of 30 years and said that it is the responsibility of a good administrator to issue factually correct news at the right time to the media.

He said that no news is secret but the officers should ensure that all correct facts should reach the media on time, so that the fake and speculative news could be curbed.

The officer gave detailed information about the structure, functioning and role of the department of information and public relations and discussed various aspects of print, electronic and digital media.

He said the department issues press releases which are widely used by the media. Soni said that his department worked actively during the pandemic, media cooperated too.

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