Pornhub Rebrands as ‘Aylo’ for a Fresh Start

🚀 Exciting news! The popular adult content platform Pornhub is getting a fresh start as it rebrands itself as #Aylo. 🌐 With a new name and a renewed commitment to #Innovation, #Diversity, and #TrustAndSafety, the company is poised for a new chapter. 🌟 Read all about it here 👉 #Rebranding #MindGeek #NewBeginnings

Popular adult content website Pornhub is rebranding itself as Aylo, a unique name that gives the company the freedom to define itself anew. The decision to change the name was taken in response to the need for a fresh start and a renewed commitment to innovation, diversity, and trust and safety in adult content.

Behind the Rebranding

MindGeek, the company behind Pornhub and other adult entertainment websites, announced the rebranding plans to the New York Post. The decision to rebrand came months after MindGeek’s CEO Feras Antoon and COO David Tassillo stepped down in 2022. The company was acquired by private equity firm Ethical Capital Partners in March 2023.

Employee Input and Stakeholder Concerns

Ethical Capital Partners disclosed that the rebranding was inspired by feedback from employees and other external stakeholders who wanted a fresh start for the company. Sarah Bain, Ethical Capital’s vice president of public engagement, said, “We heard from the team that they needed a fresh start.”

Aylo’s Meaning

The name Aylo does not have any known meaning, which the company spokesperson says is intentional. Being a word that can’t be found in a dictionary, the owners believe it gives them the freedom to define it the way they want.

New Branding Implementation

MindGeek stated that the new Aylo brand identity will be rolled out across all company communications, marketing materials, and digital platforms.

Overcoming Controversies

MindGeek hopes that the rebranding will help the company move on from the difficulties it faced in recent years due to major controversies. The presence of child sexual abuse videos on Pornhub resulted in significant challenges for the adult content website, including the suspension of payment services by Visa and Mastercard in 2020. The company also faced issues in some US states, such as Utah and Virginia, that required users to verify they were over 18 years old before accessing the site.

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