Power generation in thermal plants in the state is affected due to an inadequate supply of coal

Jaipur, August 30. In August, the average electricity demand has increased by 700-800 lakh units due to the lack of monsoon rains. The relatively high temperatures in the state also contributed to the cause. Generally, in the month of August, the average electricity demand is 2000 lakh units per day, which has increased to 3100 lakh units this year. On August 19, the maximum demand of 14690 MW was recorded in the state, which is the highest in any year in the history of the state.

 Annual shirt down of thermal stations is taken every year during the rainy season because the electricity demand is less and the coal supply is also less during the rainy season. Presently, thermal and gas plants with a capacity of about 74800 MW are running closed all over the country, which is 33 percent of the total capacity of 2.30 lakh MW. 

Due to shortage of coal in Rajasthan, 6 units of Suratgarh {250 MW each} from 25-26 August and Kalisindh unit 2 {600 MW} from August 11 and Kalisindh unit 1 {600 MW} from August 15 and Kawai Status Adani’s thermal plant One unit of {600 MW} is closed since August 24; thus a total of 3400 MW electricity is not being generated. Along with this, 6 units of Kota are also able to work at 70 percent capacity against their full capacity. 

Coal is supplied by Coal India {NCL & SECL} for 3240 MW units of Utilization Corporation. For this, there is a contract with CIL for the supply of 170 lakh metric tonnes of coal annually, which is made about 11.5 rakes per day. Whereas at present only 3 rakes are being supplied per day. 

Due to the lack of electricity generation across the country and the increase in electricity demand due to the short monsoon in North India, there has been a huge increase in the electricity rates in the electricity exchange. On normal days, the maximum rate of electricity in the electricity exchange is Rs.6-7 per unit, which has increased to Rs.20 per unit at present and the average rate of purchase from the exchange has increased from Rs.3-4 to Rs.10. Is. 

The Electricity Department is making efforts to buy maximum power from the electricity exchange. However, the prevailing rates are very expensive. Due to the increase in the consumption of electricity in the whole of North India, the exchange is not getting enough electricity. No state is being allowed to overdraw power from the grid by the National Load Despatch Center. This has been established to maintain the security of the grid due to the lack and availability of electricity in the exchange. 

Efforts are being made by the Energy Department to increase the supply of coal. This is being ensured by coordinating with the officials of Coal India and the concerned Ministry of the Government of India. Although because of the power demand of the state, the supply is insufficient at present.

Energy Minister Dr. B. D.Kalla and Principal Secretary to Government Shri Dinesh Kumar went to Delhi and talked to the officials of the Government of India to ensure proper supply of coal in the state. Along with this, power generation from the first 600 MW unit of the Kalisindh project has started smoothly from August 29. 

But for the commissioning of the second unit, a supply of coal is required. This power crisis is not only in Rajasthan but is also prevalent in most of the states of North India like Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Gujarat, and Punjab. If there is not enough rainfall in the first week of September, then this problem can remain in the whole of North India even in the month of September. 

Since Coal India is a Central Government undertaking, it is requested to the Central Government ensure an adequate supply of coal in a time-bound manner keeping in view the need of the farmers at this time.

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