Acting is not an easy job. While the glitz and glamour may attract many of us to
pursue this industry, what goes behind preparing for a role is a real tough task. The
task gets tougher when an actor has to get into various characters and play each of
them with equal finesse. One such immensely talented actor is our very own, Ram
Yashvardhan who is seen in the role of Mahadev on &TV’s Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri
Ram. Ram will be seen essaying not one but six different avatars of Lord Shiva. From
performing an intense tandav dance routine for 48 hours to essaying six different
avatars of Lord Shiva in the show; such grit, passion and hard work is seldomly seen
in the TV industry today. The on-going new episodes will see Ram Yashvardhan in
Lord Shiva’s fierce Veer Bhadra avatar, the wise sage Piplad avatar, the nomadic
Yatinath avatar, the angry Avdhoot avatar, the benevolent Bhikshuvarya avatar and
the temperamental Durvasa avatar.
Talking about playing multiple avatars of Lord Shiva, Ram Yashvardhan shares, “Few
individuals get an opportunity to explore the nuances of acting so deeply. The
experience of playing multiple avatars of Lord Shiva in Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram
has woken up a different side of me which I never knew existed. In today’s day and
age, one rarely gets to play a powerful mythology character such as Lord Shiva. I
consider myself extremely fortunate for being able to explore this realm of acting,
where while I play Mahadev, I get to play six different avatars of him. It is
challenging; I will be honest, sitting through the long hours of multivariate make-up
sessions to the getting into the overall get up; it is not easy at all. But I ensure I
absorb each avatar’s attributes before the camera comes on.”
He further adds, “The most challenging part is to emote each avatar. While Shiv Ji’s
Piplad avatar is that of a Vedic sage, calm, composed and peaceful, his Durvasa
avatar is extremely hot-headed. On the other hand, his Veer Bhadra avatar is
frightening and ferocious. Even just by the look of it. The contrast in each avatar is
spectacular! So, one can only imagine the preparation that went into bringing them
alive on camera and for me to be able to ace each of them. The avatar which I
connected the most with is the Bhikshuvarya avatar. He is known to be the protector
of all human beings. Kind and compassionate, he is the most empathetic avatar of
them all. It is, by far the most enriching and enlightening experience in my career.”

Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram depicts the many unexplored sides of Lord Hanuman.
After Lord Vishnu incarnated as Lord Ram on earth, Lord Shiv took the form of Lord
Hanuman to serve Lord Ram in his purpose to defeat the evil Ravana. Lord Hanuman
was the eleventh Rudra avatar of Lord Shiva. In the current episodes, Anjani Mata
(Sneha Wagh) is seen narrating the tale to Bal Hanuman for him to learn various
lessons from each avatar to channelize his power for achieving his core purpose.
Giving viewers a glimpse of the unheard tale of Lord Shiva and the invincible evil
Ravana, watch this fascinating mythological journey of how Bal Hanuman eventually
emerges as the greatest devotee of Lord Ram and manages to bring a successful end
to Ravana’s reign of terror.
Watch Kahat Hanuman Jai Shri Ram and all the six avatars come to life on your
television screens, every Monday-Friday at 9:30 pm only on &TV!