SR Associates gets the nod for legal sand mining in Deoli, bad news for mafia

Tonk: A sand mining lease in Tonk’s Deoli has been given environment clearance for mining which has paved the way for legal mining in the state.

The significant development has come as a bad news for the mining mafia, who were behind huge losses to the government, but also adversely impacted Banas river in over three years.

Supreme Court had banned sand mining in state due to non-availability of environment clearance in 2016.

Now the 246-hectare lease of SR Associates in Deoli, Tonk has given environment clearance in hearing on August 27.

Illegal mining mafia developed after SC banned the mining in 82 leases and the situation became so frightening that the mafia started attacking police and people who tried to stop vehicles transporting illegally mined sand.

After the mining begins in Deoli by SR associates, the prices of sand will come under control and it will be easily available to people.