System will be made simpler and more transparent; Comparative study of mining activities to be conducted in other states: ACS Mines 

ACS Mines Jaipur, August 31: Dr Subodh Agrawal, the Additional Chief Secretary of the Mines and Petroleum Department, said in a video conference that the State Government would give more importance to mineral exploration, mining, revenue collection, and other related activities. The State Government will work towards preventing illegal mining activities. They will also ensure all data is available online. Very qualified officers from Jaipur have been sent to Madhya Pradesh, Orissa, Karnataka, and Chhattisgarh. They will examine the mining laws, processes, and procedures in these states.

Dr Agrawal held a video conference with teams from Karnataka and Madhya Pradesh to discuss their reports. The report would cover subjects such as the four states of gravel rock, major and minor minerals, and the auction process. The report will also include information from “e-Ravanna”, which helps track vehicles that transport minerals and recover revenue. Lastly, it will also contain provisions to curb illegal activities and the manner in which fines can be imposed. The suggestions of the report will be applied as and when the State needs it.

Dr Aggarwal has stated that, since 2019, different laws for the handling of gravel rock have been established in Madhya Pradesh. Similarly, instead of holding auctions for minor minerals, the projects are assigned. This makes the process more effective. He stated that the State Mineral Corporation conducts activities that help in exploring minerals in most states. State Miners are working with foreign companies such as SBI CAP. The State has contacted Madhya Pradesh directly by organizing meetings before bidding on minerals and so on. As a result, there is a chance of increasing the income earned in auctions held in the future. Other states will also be examined in relation to Rajasthan.

Mr K.B. Pandya, the Director of Mines and Petroleum Department, stated that the provisions of the Rajasthan Government are more effective, transparent, and beneficial than those of other states. An analysis comparing the parties involved would be conducted, and a report would be sent to the State Government. He discussed the process of the auction in Madhya Pradesh.

Mr Anil Khamesra presented the report studying Karnataka, while Mr Krishna Sharma presented the provisions of Madhya Pradesh.

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