While making Smart Cities, keep in mind the tourism nature too -Chief Secretary

Jaipur, 9 September. Under the chairmanship of Chief Secretary Shri Niranjan Arya, a meeting was organized in the Secretariat on Thursday under Smart City through the virtual medium. In this meeting, the development works being done in Smart City were reviewed.

The Chief Secretary said that the State Government is continuously monitoring the works of Smart City. He said that there should not be any compromise with tourism, which spoils the nature of tourism.

Shri Bhavani Singh Detha, Government Secretary, Autonomous Government Department, told through a presentation that the works being done under Smart City Mission in the state mainly include expansion of medical and sports facilities, water supply, solid waste management, civic education, public needs.

He told that OPD in the Kota-M.B.S. hospital and expansion of medical facilities in JKlon Hospital. Development of campus park, water supply scheme, providing traffic light free traffic to Kota city by construction of underpasses and flyovers at various places, construction of parking at various places, purchase of smart equipment required for solid waste management and sports complex work.

The Secretary of the Autonomous Government informed that the construction of an elevated road in Ajmer, J.L.N. Hospital development, sewerage network upgradation, water supply work, road widening work from Ambedkar circle to MDS Tirahe, Anasagar Pathway construction work, construction of 7 wonders park to promote tourism and development.

He informed that the work of Gangori Hospital in Jaipur would be started soon, in the state-of-the-art IPD block to be constructed at a cost of Rs.400 crore in SMS Hospital.

This project was also appreciated by the Hon’ble Chief Minister. Apart from this, construction of the digital museum in Rajasthan Legislative Assembly, purchase of necessary smart equipment for solid waste management, restoration, and repair work of Maharaja’s library, temples and schools, Ram Niwas Bagh parking, and heritage walk-way are being done, as well as sports facilities are being developed at Chaugan Stadium.

Apart from this, the work of expansion of Abhay Command and Control Center will also be done in the four cities to promote information and technology. Mayor of Jaipur, Kota, Udaipur, and Ajmer Jaipur, Principal Secretaries of various departments, and senior officers also joined the meeting.

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