&TV popular show Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R. Ambedkar will witness a high-intensity drama where an
ailing Bheemabai wishes to see her daughter Manjula getting married while Manjula, on the other
hand, is keen to study further and not get married. Matters get out of control when Bhimrao, who
opposes his sisters marriage leaves the house and is nowhere to be found. Bala (Saud Mansuri),
Bhimrao's elder brother, who is on a lookout for the missing Bhimrao, decides to take the matters in
his hand.
Manjula (Vanshika Yadav), Bhimrao's sister is slated to get married to Bhasker (Aditya Konar), who
is the shown to be receptive and understanding but is helpless in front of his greedy father.
However, Bhimrao, in support of his sister, Manjula stands up against the wedding. The preparations
have begun from both ends, and one will have to wait and watch to see how the situation develops
Speaking on this track, Neha Joshi, essaying the role of Bheemabai says,"There is a high voltage
drama in the forthcoming episode, where Bhimrao stands in support of his sister, who wants to
continue her education and does not want to get married. In doing so, he even leaves the house.
However, given her illness, Bheemabai’s only wish is to see Majula being married. To respect her
wishes, even the elders do not oppose it. Bhimrao, on the other hand, wants to support his sister's
decision to choose education over marriage. He stands up against the wedding and not willing to
participate in it even if it comes to fulfilling his mother wish.
In such a scenario, will Bhimrao and his brothers be able to collectively stop Manjula marriage?
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