I can feel Sachin Pilot’s discomfort: Rajendra Rathore

Jaipur: Deputy LOP Rajendra Rathore tried to talk about numerous events possible speaking in the fifth session of the 15 Vidhan Sabha on Friday.

Rathore philosophically said that he could sense the restlessness in the treasury benches and could see the mistrust.

Mentioning the 34 day camping he said that he could sense the unease of Cong MLAs who were caged for so many days.

Rathore quoted Shanti Dhariwal’s speech and said Dhariwal didn’t spare even judiciary in his speech.

He spoke of the high profile political drama staged for one and half months in the state.

Rajendra Rathore called CM a failure at maintaining the law & order by citing some crime figures.

Rathore accused IAS & IPS officers of trying to pressurize the opposition MLAs.

Rajendra Rathore took a jibe at Sachin Pilot’s speech and said he could very well understand his discomfort in the ‘war gear’.