ASI Ramjeet Gurjar Sentenced to 10 Years for Rape Case

Alwar. Aravali Vihar Police Station’s Assistant Sub-Inspector (ASI) Ramjeet Gurjar has been sentenced to 10 years in prison by the POCSO Court Number Three.

A woman had registered a report against Ramjeet at the women’s police station, alleging that he had promised to help her in a dowry harassment case, established a relationship with her under the pretense of marriage, and then raped her for two and a half years.

After the case was filed, ASI Ramjeet was suspended. The police investigation also confirmed Ramjeet’s crime.

A 38-year-old woman living in a rented house in Alwar city had filed a rape case against ASI Ramjeet.

According to the woman, Ramjeet had deceived her with promises of marriage and raped her for two and a half years. The victim is originally from a village in the Bharatpur district and currently resides in Alwar with her siblings.

She had come to the police station regarding her husband’s case

The report states that the woman’s marriage took place on February 6, 2018. Due to demands for dowry, her husband had thrown her out of the house. In response, the woman had registered a dowry harassment case at the police station.

While returning home from the police station, she met ASI Ramjeet Gurjar who offered assistance in her case. Subsequently, he began visiting her room and introduced himself as unmarried. Eventually, he deceived her with promises of marriage and established a romantic relationship with her.

He had recorded explicit photos and videos

After raping her, he had taken explicit photos and videos, which he later used to blackmail her. When the woman became pregnant, he took her to a private hospital, and after an examination, forced her to abort the child by feeding her pills.

Following the registration of the case, the police suspended ASI Ramjeet. Now, the court has sentenced him to 10 years in prison.

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