It is going to set a unique example of good governance by collaborating the rural and urban areas – Chief Secretary.

Chief Secretary Shri Niranjan Arya stated that the campaign collaborating with the urban and rural areas at the same time, starting from October 2, is a unique initiative of the state government in the direction of good governance.  He said that to make this campaign successful, all the district collectors should make prior preparations so that the problems of the maximum number of people could be resolved on the spot.  He said that the success of this campaign depends on the leadership of the District Collector.

Shri Arya also met all the Divisional Commissioners and District Collectors through video conferencing at the Government Secretariat on Tuesday, with various departments of Medical and Health, Mines and Petroleum Department, Rural Development, and Panchayati Raj, Urban Development, Gopalan, Ayurveda and Law, and Legal Affairs.

District Collector should ensure maximum that people join the campaign

The Chief Secretary said that under the campaign with collaborating villages, camps would be organized at all the gram panchayat headquarters of the state.  Under the campaign, 20 departments will be made accessible to the general public so they can raise their issue and get the required help on an urgent basis.  He said that maximum publicity would be made about the campaign so that maximum people can benefit from it.

He said that the District Collectors should ensure the appointment of effective officers in the camps and the presence of maximum departments so that the problems of the common man could be resolved quickly on the spot.  Arya said that from the disposal of pending leases, solutions to issues like MNREGA, agriculture, women and child development, electricity and water-related issues would be heard  Similarly, under the campaign, agricultural land conversion, transfer of sievechak lands, regulation of raw settlements, etc. will be done.  A target has been set to allot 10 lakh pattas through this campaign.

A single-window clearance system will be initiated for laying gas pipelines in districts soon

The Chief Secretary instructed the district collectors that in all the districts, approval will be given to the various departments for laying pipelines for city gas distribution and other works.  He directed that a single-window system should be developed in the districts for this work.  He said that nodal officers will also be appointed in the districts to issue time-bound approvals to gas companies.  The Chief Secretary said that just as the State Government is working with commitment to provide door-to-door water and electricity, the dream of a door-to-door gas line would also be fulfilled soon.  He said that so far, this work has started in 19 districts of the state, and a target has been set to provide 46.22 lakh gas connections through the gas pipeline in 8 years.  Also, 636 CNG stations will be set up, out of which 66 have already been set up.

District Collector should do the work of land allotment soon

The Chief Secretary said that the District Collector should do the work of allotment of land for the District Court buildings and the residences of the judicial officers will be on priority.  Under the budget announcement, the new Ayurveda, Yoga Naturopathy College, and the remaining 44 out of 58 block headquarters will be going to open for the establishment of Ayurveda, Unani, and Homeopathy dispensaries also asked to complete the land identification and allotment work soon.  Shri Arya also directed for allotment of dairy booths under the plan to open 5000 dairy booths in the state.  Arya said that the availability of land should be ensured for various health institutions, staff quarters, and other works in the districts.

A roadmap for the prevention of seasonal diseases along with the third wave of corona

The Chief Secretary directed all the district collectors to make complete preparations to prevent the third wave of the corona, along with following the protocols and preparations will be made to prevent seasonal diseases.  He said that the public would be made aware of these diseases through creating awareness.  He said that the hospitals should prepare in such a way that if the third wave comes, proper medical facilities can be provided to the non-covid patients along with the covid patients.  The Chief Secretary said that along with the Corona vaccine, the District Collector should also be aware of the progress of general vaccination.  He directed that the target of vaccination should be fulfilled by running a special campaign in the next 15 days in the districts.

Make sure the oxygen concentrator is in working condition

The Chief Secretary said that adequate training would be given to the staff to operate ventilators and oxygen concentrators. It should be ensured that this equipment is in working condition so that it can be used in time.  He said that the District Collector should ensure that the teaching staff and other staff are vaccinated against Covid before the school opens.

These officers have participated in the meeting.

Principal Secretary Revenue Shri Anand Kumar attended the meeting, Principal Secretary to Government, Urban Development and Housing Shri Key Lal Meena, Secretary of Government, Department of Autonomous Government Shri Bhavani Singh Detha, Secretary of Government, Panchayati Raj Smt. Manju Rajpal, Secretary, Planning Shri Naveen Jain, Secretary to Government Rural.  Development Shri KK Pathak and Government Secretary Medical and Health Shri Siddharth Mahajan put forth various issues of their department through the presentation.

Additional Chief Secretary PHED Shri Sudhanshu Pant, Principal Secretary Home and Transport Shri Abhay Kumar, Principal Secretary, Public Works Department Shri Rajesh Yadav, and all the Divisional Commissioners and District Collectors participated in the meeting through video conferencing.

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