National board parliamentary federation, Rajasthan branch public keep expectations of solution of their problems – Mr Ghulam Nabi Aazaad

Former central minister Mr Ghulam Nabi Azad Said that for smooth parliamentary implementation it is important that the legislature, to follow its duties should play a role differently than the power and opposition parties. He also said that the cordial relations between the power party and the opposition party are the base pillars of the parliamentary working system. He said that in our country legislature doesn’t only play the role of making the law. People keep expectations from the representative they choose to provide them with solutions for their problems.

Mr Azaad was addressing the inauguration seminar organized by the Rajasthan branch in the state Assembly on the topic “ Parliamentary system and people expectations” On Monday. He said that the beauty of democracy is only when we work on power and opposition party matters together. He also said that the expectations of the people from the legislation of developed nations and developing nations Have a huge difference. In our country, a common man not only gives his vote for making the law and policies but also for work and solutions to their Problem.

He said that the parliamentary system will be successful only when the elected representatives follow his duties and remember the expectations of the people who have chosen him. He said that the  MLA and MPs should know the rules and keep the dignity of the house.  Mr Azaad said let the MLA also plays the role of a good teacher by educating and taking the government plans to the common people.

Assembly president and national board parliamentary federation, president of Rajasthan branch doctor CP Joshi in his welcome speech said that Mr Ghulam Nabi Started his political career as a simple worker and has adorned positions from the chief minister to union minister and many more.

He also told that Mr Azaad presented an example of completing the schemes on the decided time when he was the chief minister of Jammu and Kashmir, which is commendable. Analyzing the public expectations in parliamentary democracy he said that from ahead, MLA and parliament people have different expectations from each one.

He said that no matter how good the schemes are if they are not implemented in the state and panchayat sector they are of no use. Dr Joshi said that after the pandemic the biggest challenge is to join the poor children of the rural areas back with education. After can’t make the expectations of the public is that everybody gets the facility of education and treatment.

Counterparty leader Mr Gulab Chand Kataria said that the work of the power party is to take the Developing works to the public and the work of the opposition party it’s to take the problems of the public to the power party. He said that the power and opposition party should work together and try to make the last person strong who was living in shortages till now.

Secretary CPA Rajasthan branch and MLA Mr Saiyam Lodha designated his thanks. He said that it is a proud thing for the Rajasthan assembly that there has been not a single chance where because of an uproar the assembly has to be postponed for a whole day Since quarter three years. He said that there has been consciousness in public for their officers. They are not dependent On any political party for their problems.

Along with MLA and former MLA many government and private universities, senior administrative officers, and professors had taken part in this important seminar.

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