National Highway will be free of toll plazas

In collaboration with the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO), the Union Road and Transport Ministry is now preparing to collect tolls across the country through satellite systems.

A satellite navigation tolling system has been installed in one lakh 37 thousand trains for its testing. Very soon, this system will be implemented across the country.

In Germany, 90 per cent of the vehicles are running like this. Already 100 per cent of cars in Russia are running on the satellite toll system. The most significant advantage of this will be that the more you walk on the highway, the more tax you will pay. National Highway toll will not be charged for any sector but per kilometer.

This was announced by Union Road Transport Minister Nitin Gadkari at the ASSOCHAM meeting last year. He had said that in two years, the toll system of the entire country would be freed from plazas and connected with GPS, and the toll system would be abolished.

Now, after removing tolls, the cost related to toll lines and maintenance of toll plazas will also become a thing of the past. GPS will be compulsorily installed in old vehicles while new vehicles are already equipped with this facility. This will also end the issue of theft of cars.

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