One and a half lakh saplings will be planted in the assembly area under “Hariyalo Baytu”

Jaipur 26 August, under the Hariyalo Baytu campaign, on Friday, in the Baytu assembly constituency of Barmer district, a grand sapling plantation program will be organised. A target has been set, of planting one and a half lakh saplings in a duration of one hour in the Baytu assembly constituency.

Under the sapling plantation campaign, the main program will be organised in Rateu Gram Panchayat of Gida Panchayat Samiti on Friday. In the program, 6200 saplings will be planted in the presence of Revenue Minister Mr Harish Chaudhary, District Chief Mr Mahendra Chaudhary, District Collector Mr Lok Bandhu and district level officials and public representatives.

Revenue Minister Shri Chaudhary will start the sapling plantation program at Rateu at 10 a.m. During this program, in the presence of all guests, 500 tree guards, 3 thousand medicinal plants, 3500 shady plants will be planted at Rateu village headquarters. These saplings will be planted in the PHC campus, cremation ground, panchayat premises and Rateau Senior School premises.

Under the campaign, “Every individual should have one dream, our Baytu be green”, of Revenue Minister, one Panchayat, each in the three Panchayat Samitis of Baytu Vidhan Sabha, will be selected. And then, in the presence of the local head, the development officer and block level officers, the sapling plantation events will be held.

Under the Hariyalon Baytu campaign, the main program of the Baytu Panchayat Samiti will be organized in Dhani belonging to the Nagani Dhatarwal village panchayat.

In this program, in the presence of local head Mr Simartharam Choudhary, the development officer Mr Amit Kumar and officials of other departments, 2100 saplings will be planted in Auran Bhoomi, PG College and ITI campus in front of the Tehsil office. The remaining 3000 shade and medicinal plants will be distributed to other institutions and the public.

3300 saplings will be planted in Kharantiya, Sanpa Manji and Sarai gram panchayats of Godar in the Sindhari Panchayat Samiti of the assembly constituency. During this, Sindhri Pradhan Smt. Vagatu Devi, Development Officer, Local Officer and Sarpanch will be present.

Similarly, the main program will be organized at Kesharpura Gram Panchayat Headquarters of Pataudi Panchayat. Programs will be organized at each gram panchayat headquarters of the assembly constituency. During this, a pledge will also be taken, giving the responsibility to different workers, voluntary organizations and employees to protect the plants which will be planted.

Revenue Minister Shri Choudhary said that in the second wave of the global pandemic corona, there was a huge shortage of oxygen, in view of which it has been well understood by the general public that for ensuring sufficient amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, the environment has to be saved and more and more trees should be planted to maintain the balance of the environment. To make this concept a reality, the Revenue Minister said that under this campaign, the plantation will be done on a large scale at all the gram panchayat headquarters of the assembly in his constituency by planting one lakh 50 thousand saplings.

District head Mr Mahendra Chaudhary informed that the saplings have reached the village panchayat headquarters and these saplings have been distributed in schools, other government buildings and houses.

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