Pawan Arora, IAS, Takes Voluntary Retirement, To Start New Innings in Media

Pawan Arora, one of the country’s most prominent IAS officers, has taken voluntary retirement. The government has approved his application for voluntary retirement and has allowed him to be relieved on 18th August 2023. A native of Rai Singh Nagar in Ganganagar district, Pawan Arora has been serving as the Commissioner of Rajasthan Housing Board since June 2019.

Recently, on February 20, 2023, he was honored with the prestigious ‘Visionary Leader’ award by the World HRD Congress of the Times Group in Mumbai and the ‘Global CSR Excellence and Leadership’ award by the esteemed World Sustainability Institute.

Management Guru Pawan Arora

Pawan Arora, who was promoted from RAS to IAS, is known as a management guru. In 2019, Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot appointed him as the Chairman of the Housing Board. Previously, the Housing Board was considered a dead department, as it always operated at a loss and couldn’t provide better housing facilities to people. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has stated on several occasions that he wanted to close this department, but Pawan Arora has given it a new identity.

Under Pawan Arora’s leadership, the Housing Board has received a total of 12 awards in the past four years. These include awards like the World Book of Records for Housing Sales, the Scotch Award-2021, the Award of Excellence, the National Real Estate Development Council Honor, the National Housing Award, the IBC, and the prestigious Star of Governance-Gold Award. Due to Pawan Arora, the Rajasthan Housing Board has become a case study for management gurus across the country. Many states are preparing to adopt this model.

34 Years of Entire Service in Jaipur Only

Pawan Arora became an officer of the Rajasthan Administrative Service in 1989. After training, his first posting was in Jaipur as Assistant Collector. Later, he served as the Development Officer of Bassi. You will be surprised to know that Pawan Arora is the first officer to have spent his entire 34-year career in Jaipur alone.

Even after being promoted to IAS from RAS, he has continued to work in Jaipur. Whether the government was BJP or Congress, he has always held good positions in all governments.

Two Brothers and One Sister, All in Administrative Service

Pawan Arora has an elder brother, Jagdish Chandra Arora, who is known by people as ‘Katil Sahab.’ Jagdish Chandra was the first to become an RAS officer. After that, his younger brother Pawan Arora also became an IAS officer. A few years later, their sister Sushma Arora also became an RAS officer. After lengthy political service, all three were promoted to IAS one by one.

Jagdish Chandra retired in 2008 and is currently the CMD of Rajasthan’s popular news channel, First India News. Now, Pawan Arora, after taking voluntary retirement, has become the CEO and Editor of First India News. He will also oversee the English newspaper First India News, while Jagdish Chandra will manage Bharat-24.

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