Police Visits Rajendra Singh Gudha’s Home After Lal Diary Pages Released, POCSO Act Case Cited

After making statements against the government and releasing pages from the Lal Diary, Rajasthan’s dismissed minister, Rajendra Singh Gudha, seems to be facing more trouble. The police have arrived at Rajendra Gudha’s home. Police from Jodhpur state that the case is under the POCSO Act. However, the police aren’t revealing much about the matter.

Rajendra Singh Gudha Released Pages of the Lal Diary Involved High-Ranking Officials

Notably, on Wednesday, Rajendra Gudha released three pages from the Lal Diary, which mentioned transactions between Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot’s son Vaibhav Gehlot, the Chief Minister’s OSD Saubhag Singh, RTDC Chairman Dharmendra Rathore, and several other officials. During his conversation with journalists, Gudha claimed that the government could imprison him at any time under false charges.

Gudha’s Claims About the Lal Diary and False Cases

Rajendra Gudha has claimed that the handwriting in the Lal Diary is that of RTDC Chairman Dharmendra Rathore. “I wanted to present the Lal Diary in the assembly, but it was snatched away. They are now pressurizing me by registering false cases against me,” he explained. Gudha stated that he will keep revealing the information he has by holding press conferences from time to time.

Gudha Targets Ashok Gehlot and Discusses His Role in His Election

While targeting Ashok Gehlot, former minister Gudha stated that he helped him become Chief Minister twice. “In 2008, Gehlot failed. He had 96 MLAs, but he needed more than 100. I gave him six MLAs. I helped him to become Chief Minister. I voted six times in the Rajya Sabha at his behest. In 2018, I again gave him six MLAs. I helped him form his government again.”

Gudha’s Comment on Increasing Crimes Against Women in Rajasthan

In the assembly, Rajendra Gudha commented on the increasing crimes against women in Rajasthan, saying, “We must admit, it’s a fact that we have failed in ensuring women’s safety. The manner in which atrocities against women have increased in Rajasthan, instead of worrying about Manipur, we should introspect.” After this statement, Rajendra Gudha was dismissed from his ministerial post.

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