Pratapgarh recorded 25 mm rainfall in the last 24 bells in the state

Jaipur, September 20. Pratapgarh recorded the highest rainfall of 125 mm in 24 hours ended at 8.30 am on Monday. Also, 84 mm rainfall was recorded at Bilada in Jodhpur district and 94 in Sojat in Pali district and 67 mm in Mount Abu.

Thus, Tatgarh in Ajmer district, 18 mm rain was recorded in 43 Mangliawas and 50 in Sallopat in Baswara district, 40 in Jagpura, 29 in Danpur and 25 mm in Kesarpura. Barmer district is 38 in Gudhamalani, 31 in Chohtan, 19 mm in Chohtan and 48 in Shakkargarh in Bhilwara district in Bijolia and 45 in Mukunda, 45 mm in Kotri, 37 in Umaid Sagar and Asind 35. 35 mm in Shahpura, 31 in Dabla. In Patan, 28 in Sareri, 25 in Phuliakalan, 24 in Shambhugarh, 22 in Nahar Sagar and in Mandalgarh, 21-21, Chandrabhaga and Jaitpura received 17 mm of rain.

Also, Chanda ka pond in the Bundi district received 35 m of rainfall in 55 garda, 20 Gudha dam in Bundi received 20 mm of rainfall. Nimbaheda in Chittorgarh district recorded 19 in 24 Kapasaan and 32 in Redia dam in Dausa district, 20 in Sikarai and 35 in Dungarpur, 25 mm in Kanba and 16 mm in Dhambola.

Hence, 27 mm rainfall was recorded at Bhim Sagar in Jhalawar district, 36 in Jograwas at Jaitaran in Pali district, 23 of 34 Phoold in Baniawas, 19 in Desuri and Marwar junction in Raipur and 17-17 mm at Marwar junction and 16 mm at Girinanda.

Also, 26 mm rainfall was recorded at Arnod in Pratapgarh district, 25 at Deogarh in Rajsamand and 16 in Mora Sagar of Sawaimadhopur district and 30 in Revdar in Sirohi district and 21 in Abu road and 20 mm at Piplu in Tonk district.

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