Rajasthan Foundation celebrates the Kajali Teej festival with Rajasthani migrants

Jaipur, August 25. The Global Pravasi Teej Celebration 2021 was organized online by Rajasthan Foundation in New Delhi on Wednesday evening. This program was held on the occasion of Kajari Teej, which was celebrated together by Rajasthani women from about 50 countries.

Rajasthani women from different corners of the world like the UK, Australia, Egypt, Canada, Netherlands, North America, Dubai, Kenya, Uganda, Germany, America etc., joined in this event.

On this occasion, Dheeraj Srivastava, Commissioner, Rajasthan Foundation, while addressing the migrants, said that the art and culture of Rajasthan have their own identity.

The Teej festivals are celebrated by all the people here with great pomp. As a result of this, our migrant Rajasthanis, who, despite being away from their land, join from every corner of the world through this platform of Rajasthan Foundation and celebrate Teej together. It is a matter of pride for all of us that we are given this opportunity.

He said that “Rajasthan Foundation is formed to connect the migrant Rajasthanis with their native land and to preserve the culture and traditions of our Rajasthan. That is why we are organizing Teej together with you today.” He said that festivals are the ones that give an opportunity to the coming generation to know the family customs, values, literature and culture. He said that the most important members of the family, i.e. women, are the ones who can connect our coming generation to the culture of the state.

Commissioner Shrivastava, while thanking the President of the delphic council of Rajasthan and Smt. Shreya Guha, Principal Secretary of, Forest and Environment Department, who was present in the program, said that due to the participation of the cassette and the Rajasthan Foundation, it was possible to see the performance of the famous Kathak dancer Smt. Manisha Gulian Ji. It was highly appreciated by the migrants, and at the request of the migrants, Manisha Ji made everyone happy by performing once again.

The program was moderated by Manisha Ji from Uganda, who is RJ at South Asia FM Nairobi.

In the program, the founder of Rajasthan’s Veena Cassette, Mr KC Malu, stressed the importance of Teej in Rajasthan and sent good wishes to all the migrant women.

All the Rajasthani migrant women thanked the Rajasthan Foundation and said that even after staying away from their soil, Rajasthan Foundation had re-introduced them to the fragrance of their soil by connecting them with such a unique cultural organization.

Commissioner of Rajasthan Foundation Shri Dheeraj Srivastava said that Rajasthan Foundation is committed to organizing such programs for its migrants and will continue to organize similar cultural programs in future also.

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