Rajasthan News: Sports academies will open in 7 districts

Jaipur, 11th June – The state government is establishing various sports academies in the region with the aim of promoting sports. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has sanctioned a financial grant of INR 14.25 crores for sports academies in 7 districts of the state.

Football academies will be established in Kolida (Sikar) and Banswara, a cycling academy in Bikaner, a wrestling academy in Bhilwara, an athletics academy in Rajgarh (Churu), and basketball academies in Barmer and Sikar. The construction of these academies will be carried out at a cost of INR 2-2 crores each.

Additionally, a kabaddi academy will be established in Deedwana (Nagaur) at a cost of INR 25 lakhs. This decision by the Chief Minister will provide local youth with opportunities to participate in sports at the grassroots level.

Establishment of sports academies will provide players with more opportunities

It is commendable that the state government is establishing various sports academies to promote sports. This will provide opportunities for youth to participate in sports and help develop their talent in the field. Through this initiative, the state government is prioritizing residential training, facilities, and leadership development in the sports sector.

The establishment of various sports academies in districts will encourage different sports and assist athletes in developing their talent through proper resources and guidance. It will serve as a great platform for local youth to enhance their abilities in the sports field.

This is a positive initiative that will not only impact local youth in the sports sector but also support the discovery of the state’s latest athletes in the sports arena and help them develop their talent.

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