Review meeting of flagship schemes including 15 points 20 point program

Minister of Energy, Public Health Engineering and Ground Water, Art, Literature and Culture and Archeology and Hanumangarh district in-charge Dr B.D. Kalla took a meeting of district-level officers at Pilibanga Municipality Auditorium in Hanumangarh on Tuesday. In the meeting, besides the 15-point and 20-point program, guidelines were provided to the concerned officers after reviewing the flagship schemes of various departments, including preparations in the District regarding the possible third wave of the coronavirus. 

The need to conserve every single drop of water

During the review of the Irrigation Department, the District In-charge Minister said that this time the water condition in the dams is bad due to inadequate rainfall. So there is a need to conserve every drop of water. He said that now both saving and conservation of water is necessary; if both are not done, then both present and future generations will suffer consequently. In agriculture also have to practice drip irrigation. He talked about promoting drip irrigation by constructing diggies in Hanumangarh and Sri Ganganagar districts.

Describing the importance of saving water in daily life and also in agriculture, he said that 295 blocks in the state are in the dark zone, so even if there is a well, it should be dug only after making arrangements for water recharge. He said that there is a need to save water everywhere. He was stating the need to install a flush with small and big buttons so it can be used according to the requirement in the toilet.

While stating the need to make people aware of water conservation and water-saving by organizing camps at the Panchayat level with the help of public representatives, he also said that the Jens of Irrigation and PHED Department is also concerned about water saving at the village level. Give information to Save and conserve road water during rains, even in cities. The Chief Engineer of the Irrigation Department said that there is no problem regarding water in Bhakra and Ganga Canal, but the problem remains in IGNP; however, whatever water is available is being utilized to the maximum. 

To deal with the third wave of Corona, proper arrangements should be made in the entire District, including the district hospital.

District In-charge Minister Dr BD Kalla, while reviewing the medical department, directed to make proper arrangements for medical services in the entire District, including the district hospital, regarding the possible third wave of the Corona. Earlier, CMHO Dr Navneet Sharma gave detailed information about the present active cases of the Corona, sapling, etc., including the arrangement of oxygen plant, oxygen concentrator, PHC, oxygen cylinders at CHC in the District.

One lakh each given to 209 widows in Chief Minister’s Corona Sahayata Yojana

As a part of the Chief Minister’s Corona Assistance Scheme, District Collector Shri Nathmal Didel informed the District in charge that a total of 209 women widowed from Corona in the District have been issued financial assistance of Rs 1 lac as well as to 4 other orphaned children along with a monthly allowance of Rs 2500. A lump sum of Rs 5 lakh will be given to them on completion of 18 years of age. Similarly, a count of 96 children of widows are being given 1000 rupees per month under the Palanhar scheme. 

20 point program review

 While reviewing the 20-point program, the district in-charge minister said that the schemes which have ‘A’ grades should maintain the rating of A-grade and try to bring them from C to B or A by improving the schemes which have B or C grades. Regarding the lead bank, the district in-charge minister said that our experience with the lead bank is bad.

The lead bank should play an important role in the effective implementation of all the schemes of the central and state government for the upliftment of the poor. While reviewing the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana, instructions were given to the concerned officers to reach the house for the homeless people and improve the grading in the scheme. On getting a C grade even in the house-to-house tap scheme, the district in-charge minister instructed the concerned officers to complete the target on time and improve the grading.

District in-charge minister made proper arrangements for medicine and shadow in MNREGA works and issued instructions about following the Corona guidelines. City Council Chairman and Principal Representative Mr Dayaram Jakhar informed about the removal of names of the needy in food security from the portal, while the DSO said that about 80 thousand names had been removed from the portal.

The district in-charge minister said that if any name is wrongly removed, it will be added back. The DSO said that under the Food Security Bill, 75 per cent of the names belong to the urban areas as against 53 per cent, so in urban areas, about 20 per cent of names will still have to be removed. At the same time, about 6 per cent of names are less than the fixed limit in rural areas, so 6 per cent of names can be added in rural areas. Further action will be taken once the portal is opened. 

15 Point Program Review 

While reviewing the 15-point program, the Minister in charge of the District said that under the MSME scheme of the Industries Department, a license is not required for setting up new industries for 3 years. He directed to hold a press conference for the promotion of the schemes of the Industries Department. Instructions were given to fill the shortage of Urdu and Punjabi teachers in the Education Department.

Regarding the Chief Minister Chiranjeevi Health Insurance Scheme, he said that 100 per cent of families should be registered under this scheme by organizing camps at the village level along with other public representatives, including SDM, Pradhan, Development Officer. He further said that the government had started this wonderful scheme to keep the entire state healthy.

Under this, the state government has given 3000 crore rupees to the insurance company, so the CHC and whatever package is booked at the level of PHC and district hospital will be received from the insurance company to ensure the development of the hospital. The district in-charge minister also reviewed the war campaign for free medicine, investigation and purification.

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