Tahir, Shahrukh and Shafi Mohd. threaten Amin Pathan, CBI is investigating

Ajmer: The threats issued on social media and internet calls to president of Dargah Committee managing Khwaja Sahab Dargah in Ajmer and vice president of RCA Amin Pathan have activated the central agencies too.

Pathan had registered a complaint with the dargah police station in Ajmer informing about the threat he had been receiving on social media and through internet phone calls.

Pathan said that he was threatened for his stand on CAA, NRC and Tablighi Jamaat. Amin Pathan had accused Tahir, Shefi Mohd and Shahrukh of threatening him.

Police had registered a case under IT Act, section 506 & 384 of IPC and started the investigation.

It is being hinted that CBI has also started investigating the case along with police

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