Transport revenue should increase during Diwali: Pratap Singh Khachariyawas

Jaipur: Transport minister Pratap Singh Khachariyawas, on Friday said, that “It is time for Deepawali, and with the improvement in the conditions of Covid-19, the transport system is coming back on track, the service sector is also seeing a boom, the markets are open, therefore the revenue should also see an increase now.”

“Efforts should be intensified for earning revenue on buses, commercial vehicles, compounding fees of challans, purchase of new vehicles and other sources,” Khachariyawas further added.

The transport minister emphasized that due to revenue acquisition goals, the common man and vehicle owners who pay tax on time should not have any problem. He directed for improvement while reviewing individual RTOs.

During the meeting, it was also suggested to appoint a Recovery officer for recovery of the outstanding tax, which was approved by transport minister Khachariwas and directed the concerned officials to appoint a Recovery Officers soon.

Meanwhile, during the meeting, Principal Secretary, Transport Department, Abhay Kumar informed about the software to related transport. Commissioner, Transport Department Ravi Jain also instructed several Regional Transport Officers (RTOs) and District Transport Officers (DTOs) to send performance data to the headquarters for monitoring daily.

Later, while speaking to reporters, Khachariyawas said that due to extremely high penalty amount and poor financial condition due to Covid in the Central Motor Vehicle Act, motor vehicle owners are facing a crisis. “Therefore a review meeting will be called to review the fine amount in the Central Motor Vehicle,” he said.

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