Winners Of Jan Samman Video Contest In Rajasthan Announced; Aarti Soni Takes First Prize

Jaipur, July 30th – Rajasthan is gaining momentum in the promotion of schemes throughout the state through social media with the Jan Samman Video Contest. It also enables the individuals in the farthest corners of society to access information and benefits about these schemes.

Rajasthan Boosts Promotion of Schemes through ‘Jan Samman Video Contest’

These videos are being shared on two social media handles with the hashtag #JanSammanJaiRajasthan. After screening and verifying the videos based on appropriate standards, they are placed in the prize category.

The results of the contest held on July 27th, Thursday, are announced on Sunday. Aarti Soni from Jodhpur wins the first prize of one lakh rupees. Manish Shankoliya from Ratangarh, Churu takes second place and receives a prize money of fifty thousand rupees. Similarly, Kiranjeet Kaur from Sangaria, Hanumangarh secures third place by winning twenty-five thousand rupees.

In addition, 100 people are also awarded inspiration prizes of one thousand rupees each. This innovation is providing benefits to the state’s residents by informing them about the state government’s schemes.

Public Engagement and Awareness Grow Through State-Sponsored Video Contest in Rajasthan

It is noteworthy that the names of the daily winners and the results can be viewed at Information on participating in the contest and all related details is also available on this link.

To watch the video of the first prize winner Aarti, go to this link –

To watch the video of the second prize winner Manish, go to this link –

To watch the video of the third prize winner Kiran, go to this link –

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