Rajasthani Video Song “Patelan” Takes YouTube by Storm

Jaipur. June 5, 2023. Rajasthan’s vibrant music scene welcomes a new hit as the Rajasthani video song “Patelan” was released on YouTube yesterday. The melodious track, sung by Lokesh Jindoliya and featuring the talented actress Rekha Mewara, has already captured the hearts of Rajasthani music enthusiasts. Penned by the renowned lyricist Ramawatar Jajoriya, the song is part of the much-anticipated DJ Song album.

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“Patelan” is a soulful Rajasthani Marwadi composition that beautifully blends traditional and contemporary elements. The captivating voice of Lokesh Jindoliya, known for his versatility in delivering powerful performances, resonates with the emotions depicted in the lyrics. Complemented by the graceful presence of Rekha Mewara, the music video creates a visually stunning experience for the viewers.

Laxmi Music, a prominent music label, proudly presents the “Patelan” song to Rajasthani music aficionados. Known for promoting regional talent and fostering cultural diversity, Laxmi Music continues to be a key player in the regional music industry.

Since its release, “Patelan” has been gaining significant attention on various social media platforms. Fans and music enthusiasts have flooded the comment section with praise for the mesmerizing composition, commendable vocals, and exceptional performances. The video’s captivating visuals, showcasing the vibrant Rajasthani culture and picturesque landscapes, have further contributed to its popularity.

The music video’s release on YouTube has garnered thousands of views within the first 24 hours, indicating the song’s massive appeal. Fans are eagerly sharing the song on their social media profiles, spreading its melodious charm across the digital realm.

“Patelan” is poised to become a chart-topper in Rajasthani music, with its catchy tunes and heartfelt lyrics resonating with audiences across the state. As the song continues to gain momentum, music enthusiasts eagerly await future releases from Lokesh Jindoliya, Ramawatar Jajoriya, and the entire creative team behind the album.

The video song “Patelan” can be enjoyed on Laxmi Music’s official YouTube channel, where viewers can immerse themselves in the essence of Rajasthani music and experience the magic of this incredible composition.

For more updates on the latest Rajasthani music releases, stay tuned to Laxmi Music’s social media channels and official website.

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