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RBSE(BSER)- Rajasthan Board News

Students will get proper time to fill RBSE forms

Ajmer: Action will be taken if any private school refuses students in getting the application for the Rajasthan board examination filled.

Factory manufacturing fake medicines busted; 7 detained

Ajmer: A factory owner was detained for allegedly manufacturing duplicate Ayurvedic immunity booster capsules here. The action was taken by a team...
Pramod Jain Bhaya Minister Rajasthan

Congress will win Panchayat polls: Pramod Jain Bhaya

Ajmer: Cabinet Minister of Mines and Gaupalan Pramod Jain Bhaya said in Ajmer that the Congress Party will win the Zilla Parishad...

Tahir, Shahrukh and Shafi Mohd. threaten Amin Pathan, CBI is investigating

Ajmer: The threats issued on social media and internet calls to president of Dargah Committee managing Khwaja Sahab Dargah in Ajmer and...

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