One of &TV’s popular show, Ek Mahanayak Dr B. R Ambedkar has been highlighting the story of
Babasaheb from his early childhood to him becoming the prime architect of the Indian constitution.
The upcoming track will display yet another significant incident where Bhimrao raises his voice
against the injustice of access to clean drinking water. The episode starts with Bhimrao going to
fetch water from a well belonging to another caste as the water source they use gets contaminated.
However, he gets humiliated and is denied access to the well. In such a scenario, what would
Bhimrao do to fetch drinking water? What kind of hurdles await him, and how will he fight social
inequality and emerge victoriously?

Talking about the upcoming episode Neha Joshi who portrays the role of Bhimabai, Babasaheb’s
mother shares, “The particular episode highlights Babasaheb’s fight against inequality and the basic
right to the necessity that is clean drinking water. It highlights how contamination in the nearby well
leads to fetching water from another well belonging to another caste results in strong opposition.
And how Bhimrao once again comes forward to put up a fight against it to challenge and break this
social taboo.”

Tune in to watch yet another landmark incident in Babasaheb’s life in Ek Mahanayak Dr B.R.

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