Give benefits of government schemes to the general public – Medical and Public Relations Minister Kekdi

On September 11 in Jaipur, Dr. Raghu Sharma told the officials of Kekdi subdivision area of Ajmer district to give the advantage of welfare schemes of the government to as many people as possible. He said that to give relief to the large population in urban and rural areas, the state government will launch a campaign with administration cities and villages from 2nd October. All the preparations will be completed before the campaign hence, the maximum number of people take advantage.

On Saturday Dr. Raghu Sharma took a meeting of Kekdisubdivision at the panchayat Samiti auditorium. He told the officials to work softly in the campaign with the future administration cities and administration villages starting from October 2. Many departments are under this campaign. All departments should work together.

He said them to complete all preparations in time with the guidelines issued by the state government. Be prepared for other works of population expansion, lease allotment, reading of deposits, consensual sharing, road determination, non-accountability, etc. He said to remove land problems in villages and give land to government departments in villages and put up a board in the name of the department there. Also, to see playgrounds, school land extension and other government purposes in villages. He said that all officers should be present from the camps otherwise strict action will be taken.

He told the development officers to give employment to every person under the mahatma Gandhi nrega scheme, Select MAT from panchayat Samiti. Regular payment should be done. He told to make labor cards for every villager working so that he can get the advantage of different schemes of the labor department. He also took housing schemes information.

Dr. Sharma told the medical department to complete different levels of buildings that are built by the medical department in Kekdi subdivision area. He also saw the implementation of different works going on at Kekdihospital, naseering college, and other coming announcements. He told them to complete the road development and other departments within time.

Dr. Sharma also saw the working of agriculture, social welfare, animal husbandry, education, power, irrigation, logistics, forest, and other areas. He told the officials to give relief to the common man in cities and villages. Sub-divisional officer Vikas Kumar Panchauli said all departments should check that more people get the advantage of government schemes.

Officials from different departments along with Block President Shri Shailendra Singh Shaktiwat, Shri Rajendra Bhatt attended the meeting.

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