Bhimrao Ambedkar to take stand against the issue of
child marriage &TV Ek Mahanayak Dr. B. R. Ambedkar will witness intense drama and tension as an ailing Bheemabai (Neha Joshi) has been wishing to see her daughter Manjula (Vanshika Yadav) married. While Bhasker (Aditya Konar) is the perfect match for Manjula, everyone else in the Sakpal family including Ambedkar, his
siblings and Ramji are unsure if this is the right time to get Manjula married.
The upcoming episode will see disagreements and debates taking place in the Sakpal household with regards to Manjula wedding plans. While Bheemabai because of her ill health desires to see her daughter get married, Ramji does not want to disappoint her and makes sure that everything is in place. Babasaheb strongly opposes this as he is against child marriage. However, with no one paying heed to his requests, he leaves his house in a fit of rage.
Babasaheb faced several struggles while growing up that completely changed the course of his life. And one person who always stood as a strong pillar of support, guided and mentored him was his father, Ramji Sakpal. But coming up soon is a challenging moment for both father and son when Bhimrao is compelled to take a stand against his family decision on the issue of child marriage.

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