Gram Panchayat Election 2020: Commission made new rules for election of remaining sarpanch and panch

Gram Panchayat Election 2020: Election Commission had announced the fourth phase of the Sarpanch Election Program in the month of April. But due to Corona, it was postponed.

The Jaipur State Election Commission (Election Commission, Jaipur) has created a guideline for voters and candidates for the proposed 3 thousand 850 gram panchayat elections in the state to protect the corona epidemic.

The commission has sent the guideline to the collectors of the respective districts with strict instructions. If the guideline is not followed, legal action will be taken under the Disaster Management Act-2005.

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Under the new rules, it will now be mandatory for every voter to apply a mask while casting votes. The candidate will also not be allowed to enter the election officer’s chamber without masking nomination. The Covid-19 protocol has also been strictly implemented on the procession and campaigning of candidates.

It has been said in the guideline that personnel above 55 years of age should not be engaged in polling work as much as possible. Although they can be kept in a reservation. The duty of workers suffering from serious diseases will not be imposed. For this, the report of the Medical Board will be valid. Pregnant women and midwives will also not be cast in the election.

The mandatory use of the Arogya Setu App is mandatory for every election worker.

– Spitting in place of training places, polling stations

Health officer will be a nodal officer at Panchayat Samiti level

– Admission to one person with a nominee in nomination

– The Election Officer will give notice to every candidate that if there is a violation of the guideline in the procession, the rally will take action in the disaster management law.