Health Minister released the documents of the Excellent Development Impact Bond

Jaipur, August 30. Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma released the documents, documentary film and study report of Excellent Development Impact Bond at his official residence today.

Dr Sharma said that the contribution of quality certification is important for maintaining a high quality of health services. He also said that maternal and neonatal mortality can be reduced only by quality services. He said that quality mechanisms like NABH and recognition would prove to be important in controlling maternal and neonatal mortality by ensuring the quality of private hospitals.

The Health Minister said that through this project, Rajasthan has set an example before the whole country that how maternal and child mortality rates can be reduced by ensuring quality facilities in private hospitals.

Dr Adesh Chaturvedi, Country Team Leader and Field Director of Utkrisht Project said that the Utkrisht project is the first impact bond in the field of health. Under this, about two and a half lakh deliveries have been done by advanced quality services by intensive training of nursing staff and doctors of private hospitals of Rajasthan on NABH and FOGSI accreditation. The aim of this excellent project is to provide quality treatment to every mother and child.

Shri Ranjit Napak, Shri Ankit Shrivastava, Dr Ritu Jain, Shri Avinash Daga and Shri Amit Sharma were also present on behalf of the excellent team in the launch program.

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