Important role of teachers in nation-building Impart culture to the young generation

Build character – Minority Affairs, Waqf and Public Prosecution Redressal Minister

Jaipur, 05 Sept. The birthday of former President Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. In Jaisalmer, under the auspices of Lions Club, a teacher honour ceremony was organized in the premises of Amar Shaheed Sagarmal Gopa Government Higher Secondary School. This was under the chairmanship of Chief Hospitality and Municipal Council Chairman Harivallabh Kalla, Minister for Minority Affairs, Waqf and Public Prosecution Redressal Minister.

Congratulating everyone on Teachers’ Day, Minister for Minority Affairs Shale Mohamed said that teachers play an important role in nation-building. He said that the teacher has an incomparable role in loyalty, dedication, responsibility and society building. He called upon the teachers to play an important role in making the younger generation cultured and character-oriented along with education.

He said that teachers also play an important role in national programs. They work with dedication and make all the programs successful.

During the covid epidemic, along with digital education, under the Smile program, the children got an education at home. The teachers deserve congratulations and gratitude for the commendable services provided during this time.

Important role of teachers in every field

Minority Affairs Minister said that the government is always at the forefront of education. He said that education has rebooted in Jaisalmer. Colleges were opened in Fatehgarh, Bhaniana. Commerce and agriculture faculties were started in many schools, which would also facilitate the younger generation to earn a higher education. He said that the opening of a medical college in a small district like Jaisalmer is a gift given by the Chief Minister. The entire people of the district must be indebted to him for providing them with this basic right to health care that they deserve.

He also extended his best wishes to all the teachers who were honoured.

The guests honoured the teachers.

Minority Affairs Minister, a Chairman, as well as guests, honoured 37 teachers who have done excellent work in the field of education by garlanding them, giving certificates and mementoes.

On this occasion, along with the officers of Lions Club, members, social worker Khatan Khan, Additional District Education Officer Kamalkishore Vyas, Jitendra Singh, teachers, enlightened citizens of the city were present. On this occasion, the organizer of the program Smt. Aarti Mishra was also honoured.

At the beginning of the program, the guests lit the lamp. After that, they garlanded the picture of Maa Saraswati and Dr Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan. Then Girls presented Saraswati Vandana.

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