Parents are always the first individuals from whom we draw inspiration. Right from
trying to ape their handwriting to dressing up like them, pretending to go to the
office with a briefcase in hand; it is often our parents who become our role models
for life. No matter how old we turn, our parents continue to inspire us in their
majestic ways. While being our pillar of strength, there is something about them that
keeps fuelling a fire within us to keep moving ahead. Recognising the selfless efforts
of parents, &Tv artoist hare how their parents are their source of inspiration.
Sneha Wagh, who essays Bal Hanuman’s mother, Anjani Maa in ;TV&’s kahat
Hanuman Jai Shri Ram accredits her parents for what she has achieved today. Talking
about the same, she expresses, When it comes to my parents, I have been quite vocal
and even today will proudly acknowledge that I owe my success to them. The skills I
possess is because they let me be myself. Acting and dancing are artforms where one
requires to express, to be let free. My parents have never held me back from
expressing how I feel. Hence, I had no fear of being judged or misinterpreted by
others. That, in my view, is vital when it comes to choosing a career path. Today, the
person I am is with due credits to my parents. They inspire me every day to be to
Sarika Bahroliya aka Gudiya from the show &TV's Gudiya Humari Sabhi Pe Bhari is
very close to her parents and is missing their presence this Parents Day. Sharing her
thoughts on it, she says, "My parents are my lifeline, and I would want them to be
with me forever. They were quite strict when I was young. I was given very less pocket
money and was told to spend them very cautiously, but now I realise that it was for
my betterment. Today, whatever I am, it is because of them. I learnt to be calm and
patient from my mother, while my father taught me everything about banking and
finance. They introduced to me what sharing means and how to care for others. I am
thankful to them for inculcating these values in me and making me a good human
being. I miss having them around, especially in this critical situation. We connect on
video calls, but I look forward to meeting them soon."
Dabangg dulhaniya Kamna Pathak aka Rajesh from &Tvn happu Ultan Paltan
shares, "My parents have been my constant support since the start of my career. Both
of them have been strong followers of Art and Music. Following their footsteps, I
dived into theatre at a very young age. They would always sit in the audience and
cheer me during my performance while I was in college. The day I signed Happu Ki
Ultan Paltan, I was extremely nervous and immediately called my mother to explain
my anxiety of not knowing the Bundelkhandi language. She calmed me down and took
the next flight to Mumbai and taught me the language. She taught me so well that my
first-day dialogue delivery amazed the entire crew. While my mother helped me
master the dialogues, my father helped me sing in Bundelkhandi. They have been my
strongest pillars of strength ever since I’ve known the words Maa and apa
Tanvi Dogra, who plays the ardent devotee of Santoshi Maa in &TV’s Santoshi Maa
Sunaye Vrat Kathayein shares, My parents are my biggest supporters and pillars of
strength. Be it my career choice or any life decisions. When I signed my first show, I
had to move to Mumbai from Pune. My parents were initially sceptical and were
concerned about my well-being. After a week, mom shifted with me while brother and
father continued to live in Pune. It's only then I realised parents could go to any
length to protect and care for their child, even if it means staying away from each

other for the sake of their child. We share a strong bond based on love, trust, and
care for each other. It is only due to their constant support and belief in my abilities
that instilled the confidence into me to become what I am today."
Ashish Kadian, who plays Indresh in &TV's Santoshi Maa Sunaye Vrat Kathayein
shares, "Since childhood, I was inclined towards extracurriculars as against
academics. When I decided to pursue my career in acting, both my parents were
extremely hesitant due to the fear of sustenance in the entertainment industry.
Recognising my talent & hard work, they eventually encouraged me to follow my
dream. My father provided for my Mumbai tickets and gave me some cash. I went for
multiple auditions, did night-shifts at a call centre so that I could pay for my acting
classes and house rent, and finally was able to bag my first ever role in a show. The
first time they saw me on television, their happiness was beyond bounds. I am proud
to share that the struggle and determination which got me my first job was only
possible because of the trust my parents had in me. I have eventually realised the
importance of the phrase my father often said, Hard work always bears fruits of