Congress misusing power to influence independents: Rajendra Rathore

Kota: Deputy Leader of Opposition and senior BJP leader Rajendra Rathore on Sunday accused the Congress leaders of misusing power to form a board in the Kota South Municipal Corporation where none of the parties has gained a clear majority.

Both the Congress and the BJP got 36 wards each out of 80 and eight independents hold the key to formation of the board there.

Rathore said that at the behest of the Urban development minister Shanti Dhariwal, the police was threatening the independent councillors and their family members to support the Congress.

“The BJP has enough support to form a board in KMC South as four independent councillors have announced support to the party. This is not going well with the Congress and the leaders are adopting all tactics to form the board in KMC South,” Rathore said in a press release on Sunday.

Rathore said that the Congress leaders lured the independent councillors first by offering money and plots, and then by threatening them with criminal cases.

There are reports that the Congress is filling police reports about independents being missing and abducted. Rathore said the mayor election could be rigged as such he demanded to send observers from the State Election Commission.

Dhariwal rubbished aside the charges saying that the Congress never misused power and it had always been the case with the BJP governments.

He said that an independent councillor was forcibly picked up from his house and taken to Madhya Pradesh and when his father reached there, he was arrested by the MP police.