Make strenuous efforts to make the state Child Labour Free – Dr. Neeraj K Pawan

Jaipur, 26 Aug. Labor Secretary Dr Neeraj K Pawan has said that the concerned departments and voluntary organizations should work together actively to make the state child labour free.

The Labor Secretary addressed a meeting. It was organized in connection with the prevention of child labour. it was held in the auditorium of Rajasthan Skill and Livelihood Development Corporation, Jhalana.

He said that the workplace premises would also be sealed if child labour is found. Self-employed even without an employer, children below the age of 14 years will also be eligible for admission in special schools. On Children’s Day (November 14), those children will be honoured at the state level, who gave information about child labour.

Dr Pawan was directed to prepare a phased action plan for the prevailing laws for the prevention of child labour. He demanded their effective implementation in the present situation.

He also issued instructions to do the following. To start special residential schools and rehabilitation centres for the children freed from child labour. To develop a child labour tracking system. To set up child guardian committees at the ward level in urban areas and to take prompt action on the suggestions to encourage child labour free panchayats.

The meeting was also be held at divisional level

Under the chairmanship of the Labor Secretary, meetings will be organized at all the divisional headquarters of the state. They will be regarding the prevention of child labour.

Representatives of various voluntary organizations (NGOs) including child empowerment, police and  UNICEF also participated in the meeting.

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