Taliban Clubs cricket team entered the cricket competition in Jaisalmer and created a tremendous controversy

The Aladin khan memorial cricket trophy in Jaisalmer has in the biggest controversy. A team played in the trophy whose name was Taliban clubs. And not only this, but the team called Taliban club has also played the matches.

When the scoreboard started showing the name, it suddenly started creating controversy. As expected, the organisers of the cricket trophy were grounded by the many trollers on social media platforms.

Seeing the trolling social media platforms, organisers suddenly seems to swing into action. The team called The Taliban club has to move out and quit the further journey in the trophy. Also, the organisers apologised after that.

The Aladin khan memorial cricket trophy is organised every year in the Jesurana village in Jaisalmer. Many teams who live near the town take part and play matches in the trophy.

The competition is organised in the memory of a social worker, Aladdin khan. There are almost ten teams that have been participated in this year. And the child welfare committee chairman, Amin khan had inaugurated the trophy on 22nd august Sunday 2021.

The Taliban club’s cricket team consisted of Mathar Khan (captain), Abal Baazigar Khan, Aladdin Khan, Amin Khan, Gumanaram, Haji, Jako, Jamal Khan, Kamal Jan, Khamish Khan, Madhe Khan, Mahesh and Merab Khan.

The entry of the Taliban team led to a dispute as soon as the competition started.

According to the reports, Ismail Khan, the organiser of the cricket trophy, said that “we were not aware of the team.  The applications were invited online, so we have not paid attention to them.  We had thrown out the team when this matter came to our notice through social media and other means.  Sorry about this whole incident, and we are deeply sorry”.

The organisers may be clarifying and apologising about the incident, but they keep silent on letting that team play the match and showing the score on their page.

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