Video conferencing on Corona arrange for adequate quantity of ventilators and test kit – CM

Jaipur, March 28. Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said that there will be a requirement of approximately 10,000 ventilators and more test kits in the case of more spread of COVID-19 infection and in such situation, the medical and health department should arrange for sufficient quantity of ventilators and test kits.

He directed to make immediate purchase of rapid test kits, once it gets approval from ICMR so that large number of people could be screened. He said the possible community spread in Bhilwara can be stopped at the right time by conducting mass screening with the help of this rapid test kit. He also directed for making immediate purchase of ventilators. The Chief Minister was addressing the medical and health department officers and expert doctors through video conference on Saturday from his official residence.

Focus On Stopping Possible Community Transmission In Bhilwara

Gehlot asked to take all possible measures to stop Bhilwara becoming the epicenter of corona. He instructed to fully stop people from going out of the district and to keep suspected patients in isolation along with screening and testing at the large scale.

Take Special Care of Elders

Chief Minister said elders are most vulnerable to the infection and in such situation they should be given special attention. The data across the world shows that maximum deaths occurred due to COVID-19 was of people aged more than 79 years. In such circumstances, people should be made aware that elderly people and children should not be allowed to mix with others so that there is no danger of infection.

Healthcare Workers Are Our Frontline Warriors

Shri Gehlot said, “Doctors, nurses and other healthcare workers are our frontline warriors and we have to be fully prepared to save them if they get infected.” He said all healthcare works including doctors, nursing staff and paramedical staff should be checked in regular intervals so that if any of them is infected then it can be diagnosed at the right time. Chief Minister during the video conference took detailed information about the preparations made at the hospitals, medical colleges and private hospitals across the State to fight the possible situation of coronavirus infection.

Screening Of Those Who Came In Contact With Positive Patients

Medical and Health Minister Dr Raghu Sharma said that all measures are being taken by following the guidelines of Government of India and by keeping in continuous touch with World Health Organisation (WHO). He said screening of all those people is being done who have come in contact with the patients found coronavirus positive.

 Complete Vigil Is Being Kept On Bhilwara District

Chief Secretary Shri DB Gupta said that as per the directions issued by the Union Home Ministry on Friday late night it has been asked to make complete arrangement of bus or other means for people coming from other states. He said administrations of other States are being contacted from where people are coming to Rajasthan. Apart from this, complete vigil is being kept on Bhilwara district.  

Doctors and Nurses Are Being Put On Rotation

Additional Chief Secretary Medical and Health Shri Rohit Kumar Singh apprised the Chief Minister about the points that came during the video conference of Health Minister Dr. Raghu Sharma with experts and doctors. He said so far 54 positive patients have been found in the State. Doctors, Nurses and other healthcare workers are being put on rotation at the high-risk zone. Along with arrangements are being made for their regular check-up. He said rapid test kit has been approved by the American agency FDA and it will be purchased on getting approval from ICMR so that the ambit of testing facility can be increased.

Current Testing Capacity Is 1300-1500 Per Day

Medical Education Secretary Shri Vaibhav Galariya said that at present the testing capacity at Sawai Man Singh Hospital is 1300 to 1500 per day. Around 500 tests per day can be done more after Mahatma Gandhi Medical College which is waiting for approval from ICMR. He said that sufficient quantity of kit is available for testing the current number of suspected patients but in the coming time 10,000 testing kits would be required.

Rapid Diagnostic Screening Test Kit More Effective

IIHMR University Director Dr. SD Gupta said that Bhilwara could become the hotspot of coronavirus because so far 50% cases have been found in Bhilwara alone. He said along with surveillance it is required to take sufficient measures to stop spreading of infection. He suggested to conduct checking on large scale in Bhilwara using the FDA approved rapid diagnostic screening test kit. He said the USP of this kit is that any medical practitioner can check the suspected patient by using it and the test results also comes within half an hour. Countries such as Singapore, Taiwan and South Korea have controlled this virus by conducting checking at large scale, he said. 

Vice Chancellor of Rajasthan University Health Sciences Dr. Raja Babu Panwar, Principal of Sawai Man Singh Hospital Dr. Sudhir Bhandari, Former Superintendent of Sawai Man Singh Hospital Dr. Virendra Singh, IIHMR Chairman Dr. Ashok Agarwal, NIMS University Jaipur’s Dr. PR Gupta and other expert doctors were present during the video conference. 

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