Ross Lake Resort – A Floating Resort in Washington State, USA

Get complete information about Ross Lake Resort, how to book and how to get to Ross Lake Resort. What is the rental and facility available in this resort?

Ross Lake Resort was established in 1952 in the Washington state of USA. Ross Lake is open seasonally from mid-June through October.

The Ross Lake Resort is privately owned and operates under a concession contract within North Cascades National Park. 

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Ross Lake is an extensive reservoir between the northern Washington State and South-Western British Columbia, Canada’s Northern Cascade Mountains.

The Lake moves north-south, 23 miles (37 km) is long, 1.5 miles (2.5 km) wide, and the height of the entire reservoir is 1,604 feet (48.9 meters) from the sea level.

Ross Lake is a significant entertainment site within North Cascade, attracting visitors for fishing, canoeing, kayaking, and hiking opportunities.

This place is particularly famous for trout fishing. Camping is allowed in much boat-in and hike-in camping around the Lake. Back Country Camping Permit (Free, First Come, First Paste) is necessary and can be obtained from the National Park Service in Marblemount.

Ross Lake is an ancient, grand lake. It is best seen in sunlight and summer days. Ross Lake in Washington County is fantastic among the Northern Casked Mountains and crosses the North Cascade National Park park, seen from Highway 20. However, due to the snow in the winter, the highway stops.

It’s great. You decide to two miles in floating cabins, rent a small powerboat, and move up the Lake with your camping gear so that a small island can get to the camp. Fantastic view of northern waterfalls If you want, you can go to Canada on the edge of the Lake.

Rose Lake Resort Cabins

There are also many floating resort cabins on the Lake, which are called Ross Lake Resort Cabins. This Ross Lake Resort floating cabins is made from many dozen cabinets and bunkhouses; it is located nearly a quarter-mile from the dam and ultimately rests on the log boom.

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Ross Lake Resort Cabins
Ross Lake Resort Cabins

Types Of Cabins in Ross Lake

Little Cabin: a bit smaller and cozier than Modern Cabins. This quaint cabin offers wood stove heat, a full kitchen, bathroom, one queen bed, and one bunk bed.

Modern Cabin: Large picture windows framing Colonial and Pyramid Peaks make this the perfect cabin to escape to! Our Modern Cabins offer a spacious dining-living room combined, wood stove or electric heat, a full kitchen, and bathroom. Two to three twin beds and one bunk bed.

Private Bunkhouse: ideal for larger groups. They offer a large combined kitchen-dining-sleeping area, full kitchen, bathroom, and wood stove heating. There are four or five bunk beds and they are perfect for parties.

Peak Cabin: Peak Cabins are perfect for creating family memories! This spacious two-story cabin offers an open loft that has one queen-size bed and two twin beds. There is one bedroom on the lower level that has one twin bed and one bunk bed. This cabin is complete with a full kitchen, bathroom with a bathtub, large living/dining area with a pullout sofa sleeper, and wood stove heat.

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How To Reach Ross Lake Resort?

There is NO direct road access to Ross Lake Resort! There are two different ways to reach Ross Lake.

For the day and campers and guests who do not want to take the ferry, here is an option for them to reach the ross lake resort.

1. Park your car on HWY 20 at milepost 134 (the Ross Lake/Dam trailhead) and hike 1 mile down the trail.

2. At the end of the trail, turn right onto the gravel road.

3. Follow the road down to the Lake (you will see the Resort across the Lake)

​You can also hike to the Resort by turning left at the bottom of the hiking trail. Instead of hiking down to the water, you can hike across the dam and around to the Resort. This turn will add approximately 2.5 miles to your hike. 

How to get a reservation at Ross Lake Resort?

for reservation at Ross Lake Resort, you need to Sign up on their waitlist on official website.

Link –

Ross Lake Resort Boat Rental

Ross Lake Resort Water Taxi Rental $30 to $200 depends on lake points.

Ross Lake Resort Prices

Ross Lake Resort Prices for a stay depend on size of cabins.

For Little Cabin:1-2 persons $230 per night Each additional person $17 per night.

For Modern Cabin: 1-2 persons $250 per night Each additional person $18 per night.

For Private Bunk House: 1-2 persons $320 per night Each additional person $20 per night.

For Peak Cabin: 1-2 persons $410 per night Each additional person $22 per night.

Are dogs allowed at Ross Lake?

According to official site Dogs are not allowed for guests staying at the Resort but dogs on a leash are welcome for day-users and campers. they say although dogs are not permitted for overnight stays at the resort, they are permitted on our rental equipment and Water Taxi.

What animals and birds are commonly seen on Ross Lake?

The most frequent animal you will see (and hear) in the ross lake area are the bit Douglas Squirrels, hybridized Blacktail Deer, Chipmunks, Snowshoe Hares, Mice, Pikas, Marmots. Uncommonly, you may encounter a black bear. Most rarely, you will glimpse a cougar or a bobcat. 

Many bird species make Ross Lake their seasonal home. Most often, you will see Loons, Canadian Geese, and Western Grebes. You will see Bald Eagles, Blue Herons, Water Ouzels, and an array of small waterfowl, including Mergansers, Goldeyes, Coots, among others. Seagulls come to ride around on driftwood. Kingfishers work the inlets.

How Deep Is Ross Lake Washington?

When Ross Lake is full of water it is 488.4 ft deep at the bottom of the Dam and 22.1 miles long. During the winter, the Resort separates its embankments and moves to the center of the Lake. It happens due to the low water level due to the annual decline of the Lake for the flood control of the Skagit River.

Watch Video: Ross Lake National Recreation Area 

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